Practical Business and Legal Advice In all Areas for Regulatory and Administrative Law

The lawyers at PKF Lawyers who practice Regulatory and Administrative Law have a thorough understanding of how local, municipal and national governments and public agencies operate. This knowledge is absolutely critical to assist clients in this regard in achieving successful outcomes.

In many cases our expertise lends itself to becoming more of a business advisor to clients, providing practical business and legal advice on policy implications of legislation changes and government regulations.

In the areas of Regulatory and Administrative Law we provide:

  • Representation for Professional Discipline Matters
  • Evaluations and recommendations
  • Preparation and presentation of written submissions
  • Representation at hearings, and before boards and tribunals
  • Advice on matters of procedure and potential politically achievable outcomes
  • Advice on appeal procedures and conduct appeal hearings
  • Winnipeg and Municipal  Realty and Business Taxation applications, hearings and appeals