Our law firm traces its roots back to 1924 when it was founded by Nathan Bernard Golsof in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Gordon Pullan, Q,C, joined the firm in 1951, on his call to the bar, and PKF Lawyers is its continuation – a link in the chain of lawyers marking in excess of 90 years of excellence in the practice of law.

We, as a firm, have faced a trauma or two, not of our own making. And our story goes something like this…

On a June morning in 1954, Gordon Pullan, Q,C, and his colleagues of the time awoke to the news that the building where they rented premises had been swept by fire. They arrived at work to find that description to be something of an understatement. What remained of the venerable Time Building on Winnipeg’s Portage Avenue was a blackened skeleton and smoldering ash.

The firm relocated to the Newport Centre. However, as the firm continued to succeed and grow, it outgrew its space As a result, in 2003, the partners acquired the former Leatherdale Funeral premises on Kennedy Street. Major renovation started, only to be abruptly ended on August 28, 2003 when a fire swept through the building, gutting it.

Undaunted, the partners built a then state of the art new law firm premises at 240 Kennedy.. From 2003 to 2019 the firm experienced exponential growth, expanding from approximately 6 lawyers to more than 30, and expanding to 6 locations in Manitoba.

In 2019, the firm registered and established the “PKF Lawyers” name and brand, and relocated its main office to 900-444 St Mary Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

From its original founding in 1924, the firm has grown across Manitoba, and has expanded to become one of the top 6 law firms in Manitoba. We have a significant bench strength of expert lawyers, operate out of multiple locations in Manitoba, and continuously strive to enhance our availability to our clients, serve our local communities better, serve Manitoba better, and provide cogent advice that our clients can understand and trust.