In commerce, brand matters. If people can’t pick you out from the crowd of competitors, your business may fail. In the age of e-commerce and new media, branding is even more critical than ever. Increasingly, your online presence is how you will be known and likely found. Building positive associations, search term ranking, and goodwill are core drivers of success in the electronic age.

PKF Lawyers can help you establish, monitor, and enforce your intellectual property rights that are critical to protecting your company’s most valuable assets. Our team and network of Canadian and international agents can quickly and cost-effectively build and file applications to help build and protect your business, or, if your business in under attack, respond with enforcement action, whether relate to trademark, copyright law, licensing, or industrial design.

We provide a full range of professional legal and agency services relating to trademark law, including preliminary searches, drafting, filing, and prosecution of applications.

Our Trademarks and Intellectual Property Law group provides responsive, flexible and practical support in pertinent areas, including:

  • Trademark Law
  • Industrial Design Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Design Registration
  • Validity and Infringement Searches and Opinions
  • Licensing
  • Trade Secrets

Lawyers that practice in Trademarks and Intellectual Property Law