PKF Welcomes Two New Associate Lawyers

We are very pleased to be able to announce that Stephane Warnock and Jeff King have been accepted as Associate Lawyers

Stephane has been building a practice with PKF Lawyers in three locations: the cities of Morden and Winkler, and the Town of Carman. In a short span of years, he has developed not only a robust practice, but also expertise in commercial law, real estate transactions, wills, estates, and tax, along with a handful of other areas of practice. Stephane is already a leader in the firm and within his communities.
Jeff has quickly established himself an up-and-coming lawyer within the firm, in the legal community, and in the community at large. His intellect and genuine passion for the law is palpable, and makes him a formidable opponent to opposing counsel. He is a great example of how great advocacy is founded on a robust understanding of the law. He demonstrates a profound duty of loyalty to our clients, often putting their interests ahead of his own.