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PKF Lawyer Published in Academic Journal; Seeks Redress for Mennonite Community

PKF Lawyers is pleased to announce that one of its lawyers, Blake Hamm, was published in the July 2020 issue of the Mennonite Quarterly Review, a peer-reviewed academic journal.

In his article, “Revisiting the Canadian Privilegium”, Blake examines the assurances made by the Canadian government to the Russian Mennonites who immigrated in the 1870s. Upon their immigration, Canada seemingly granted the right for Mennonites to run their own school system. After provincial education laws later took away this right in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Mennonites faced sustained prosecution with heavy fines, seizure of property, and even imprisonment, and many emigrated to Mexico and Parguay.

With his research, Blake makes the argument that Canada had both a legal and moral obligation to better accommodate those Mennonites, and that a form of redress is appropriate in the present day, including changes to The Citizenship Act.

Blake is active in the Mennonite community as President and Honourary Counsel of the Kroeger Clocks Heritage Foundation, and he offers his services in Low German. For more information on Blake, please see his biography. 

For more information on the Mennonite Quarterly Review, including how to subscribe, please click here to visit their website.