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Many legal disputes may be resolved via mediation or arbitration rather than formal court adjudication. Mediation is facilitated negotiation, whereby the parties to the dispute utilize the services of a mediator to help them resolve their dispute. The mediator does not render a decision and cannot force the parties to settle. Arbitration is more similar to litigation, but with a less formal setting and consequent cost savings. The arbitrator generally renders a binding and enforceable decision after the conclusion of an arbitration hearing.

The key to successful alternative dispute resolution is the skill of the professional who conducts it. As your advocates, our lawyers draw upon their depth of experience to provide a coherent, effective, and persuasive representation of your interests, or provide you with the support you need to get the best possible result.

Our lawyers have substantial experience acting as mediators or arbitrators on a diverse matter of disputes. We provide a timelier and more cost-effective dispute resolution that is available through the courts. With our support and involvement, you can take control and resolve matters and quickly and creatively.