Our lawyers understand the importance of keeping Cottage and Vacation homes within the family. We work closely with families crafting solutions that best suit our client’s specific needs. PKF Lawyers provide a full range of services.

Our experienced lawyers provide advice for issues concerning:

  • Tax planning
  • Analysis of Cost Base, Gain and where to use the Principal Residence Exemption, including Valuations
  • Cottage Shared Use Agreements and Property Agreements
  • Life Interest/Remainder Interest
  • Establishing a Maintenance Fund during Lifetime or on Death
  • Dispute Resolution and Decision Making Mechanisms
  • Life Insurance
  • Executing Specific Power of Attorneys for the Cottage or planning Wills for Cottage or Vacation Homes
  • Dealing with Cross-Border Issues with properties in Ontario or the United States
  • Establishing Trust Agreements (Joint Spousal or Testamentary)
  • Expectations of Co-OwnersProtecting the Assets from Third Parties
  • Road Access Issues, Easements, and the Ontario Road Access Act
  • Protecting the Cottage with Waivers and/or Homestead Releases or Agreements
  • Subdivision and Planning Issues
  • MB Hydro permit applications (Lee and Winnipeg River)
  • We work closely with your accountant and financial planner
  • Analyzing how to hold your Cottage or Vacation home