Business disputes arise from time to time. Resolving them quickly and effectively is a key to your success in business. Our lawyers understand your business and strategic objectives and develop solutions to prevent or resolve disputes in an effective and cost-effective way. Whether your business is based in Manitoba, is national or international in scope, we know that disputes disrupt your business, divert you away from your core business, and result in unwanted costs. When disputes escalate into litigation or arbitration proceedings, you can count on us to strongly advocate for your interests, protect your position, and pursue all legal remedies available.

Our lawyers are experienced in a broad range of business law, including corporate and commercial law, class actions, shareholders’ disputes, officer and director liability, commercial fraud, banking, securities, bankruptcy and insolvency, real estate, intellectual property, estates and trusts, franchise and distribution disputes, administrative and public law, and international trade.

When advocating for you, our overriding objectives are to:

  • Consider all forms of resolution where appropriate, including negotiated settlement, alternative dispute resolution, or the courts.
  • Advise as to your chances of success, based on past experience and our legal review.
  • Tailor our approach to your specific needs: your issues, urgency, and the financial stakes.
  • Resolve your disputes in the most appropriate, timely, and effective way.

Lawyers that practice in Corporate and Commercial Law

PKF Lawyers Winkler

2 – 507 Main Street
Winkler, MB R6W 1A3
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PKF Lawyers Morden

326 Stephen Street
Morden, MB R6M 1T5
Phone: 204-822-4463
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Mona Brown Law Office

(in association with PKF Lawyers)

Box 1240
71 Main Street South
Carman, MB R0G 0J0
Phone: 204-745-2028
Fax: 204-745-3513

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