Qualified Legal Representation in All Areas of Wills, Estates and Elder Law

Our lawyers involved in Wills, Estates, and Elder Law provide planning, advice and services in the preparation of wills, establishment of trusts and other related issues. We draw upon the knowledge of experts who practice in these areas and are acutely aware the accumulation of wealth requires a combination of acumen and commerce. The preservation of wealth, including the transfer to family, charities or others, requires vigilant planning and the use of suitable structures.

They use their knowledge of taxation law, family law, probate and estate law, the law of wills, division of property principles, trust laws, creditors' rights, negotiating, and rules of litigation to deliver these services and provide qualified representation in this area.

Our areas of practice in this field include:

  • Committeeship applications
  • Planning trusts, wills and estates to minimize risk and tax consequences
  • Development and facilitation of succession plans for family business
  • Estate freezing and income splitting advise
  • Advising executors, trustees and beneficiaries
  • Trust litigation
  • Advice on the appropriate use of insurance
  • Litigating claims related to family business disputes
  • Advice on charitable giving
  • Advice on corporate trust and tax matters

Lawyers that practice in the area of Wills, Estates, and Elder Law:

Peter Baumstark

Michael Bellan

Kevin Bolt

Matthew Bolt

Vincent J. Bueti

Elaine Chan

Daniel M. Cleto

Waldy Derksen

Thomas G. Frohlinger

Blake Hamm

Troy Harwood-Jones

Douglas J. Johnston

Paul Emil Kammerloch

Adam Kelso

Renato Mamucud

Steven Meltzer

David Moore

Gordon Morris Pullan

Gary Michael Sarcida

Melissa Schroeder

Harley Shepherd

Paramjit (PJ) Singh

Yvonne Tavares

Stephane Warnock

Joe Wilder

Andrew Winkless

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