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Gordon Morris Pullan

Q.C., LL.M.

The much-honored, Gordon Morris Pullan Q.C., is the senior member of the law firm. He was recently honored by the Law Society of Manitoba as a senior member of the Bar, and is the longest practicing lawyer in Manitoba, with (as of 2017) 66 years of practice.

Gordon began in law in 1951, with a commercial and general practice. He was in the Time Building until it was gutted in a spectacular fire in 1954, which destroyed thousands of records of his firm and many others located there. The firm moved to the Paris Building and in 1989 to the Newport Centre on Portage Avenue.

His name gives continuum to the firm established in 1924 by Nathan Bernard Golsof. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1982.

Gordon launched a lot of young legal careers and outside law he has made contributions to the benefit of Winnipeg and Manitoba organizations with a lifetime of enthusiasm, energy and devotion to many causes.

Gordon has served his country in peace and war. He was in both the RCAF and the Royal Canadian Navy.

He has never failed to have his opinion voiced or his voice heard whenever the Jewish community of Manitoba required a spokesperson. He has given freely of his time, professional abilities and personal wealth for the betterment of this community.

He has been an active contributing member of the community for half a century and more. His accomplishments and contributions are rarely chronicled or his contribution recorded, which is a wish that is characteristic of the man.

The following catalogue is testimony to a busy, generous life outside law.

Pullan is present or past honorary counsel to:
Mount Carmel Clinic; Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra; Jewish Public Library; Greater Winnipeg Social Welfare Planning Council; Jewish Historical Society of Western Canada; The Ukrainian, Jewish, Mennonite Conference; and Jewish Radio Productions Inc.

He is present or past member of the following boards of directors:
Greater Winnipeg Community Welfare Council; Ramah Hebrew School; Sharon Home; B’nai Abraham Synagogue; Winnipeg Jewish Community Council; Jewish Foundation of Manitoba; Chesed Shel Emes; Mount Carmel Clinic; Asper Jewish Community Campus Planning Committee; Bnai Brith Lodge 650; Anne Ross Health Resources Centre Inc.; and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Present and past offices held include:
President of Jewish Foundation of Manitoba; President of the Sharon Home; Chairman of Volunteer’s Bureau; and Western Regional Vice President of United Israel Appeal.

Present and past member of the following organizations:
Various fund raising committees of Israel based organizations; Perennial canvasser for Combined Jewish Appeal; Pledge redemption committee Combined Jewish Appeal; Environment Commission of Manitoba; Convention Chairman; Manitoba Bar Association (co-opted rather than elected member); and the University Community Liaison Committee.

Gordon was awarded the Sol Kanee Distinguished Community Service Medal in 1998. This is the highest recognition the Jewish Community bestows on any person.

Areas Of Practice

  • Business Planning and Corporate Organization
  • Commercial Real Estate and Construction
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Wills, Estates, Trusts and Elder Law

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