In today's interconnected world, the ability to speak multiple languages and communicate across linguistic divides is a critical skill. Especially when dealing your legal interests, language skills are essential, because we apply our trade with words. It is crucial that we communicate comfortably and effectively. Lawyers who can communicate in a client's first language provide more effective representation both by allowing the client to express their needs more effectively, and by helping that client feel at ease. At Pullan Kammerloch Frohlinger, we embrace and celebrate Manitoba's diversity in business and culture, and are proud to be one of Canada's leading firms when it comes to workplace diversity. We currently offer legal services in ten languages to Manitoba's growing ethnic communities.

We welcome inquiries in any of the following languages:

Cantonese / 粵語

Elaine Chan

French / Français

Blake Hamm

Harvey James Slobodzian

German / Deutsch

Waldy Derksen

Paul Emil Kammerloch

Hungarian / Magyar

Thomas G. Frohlinger

Italian / Italiano

Vincent J. Bueti

Japanese / 日本語

Andrew Winkless

Low German / Plautdietsch

Blake Hamm

Mandarin / 普通話

Elaine Chan

Portuguese / Português

Yvonne Tavares


Daniel M. Cleto

Renato Mamucud

Gary Michael Sarcida

Yiddish / יידיש

Gordon Morris Pullan