Morden Family Lawyer or Winkler Business Lawyer? Why not Both?

It used to be that people wanted to leave the hustle and bustle of Big City life to open a small Bed & Breakfast in the country or even retire to a small hobby farm. However we now live in an age where we take the Internet and 500 channels for granted, and that dream seems further away than ever. Luckily for those that do choose to make the leap, it turns out to be easier than they ever realized.

Several of the fastest growing communities in Manitoba, including Winkler and Morden, offer many modern services and amenities we have come to take for granted without leaving behind the comforts we have grown used to.

Morden is more than the Corn and Apple Festival, being held this year from August 22 to 24. Along with Winkler, they are both fast growing Cities with a family friendly environment. Home to many ethnic groups, traditional and newly arrived, both Morden and Winkler continue to expand at a break-neck pace that people cannot get enough of. With several of our lawyers possessing deep roots within the community, some going back decades, we understand that life in Manitoba does not end at the perimeter.

PKF Lawyers continues to be proud to offer our services in the Municipalities of Stanley, Rhineland, Thompson, Pembina, Roland, Dufferin as well as the surrounding areas through our offices in Morden and Winkler. With five lawyers specializing in the areas of Real Estate law, Commercial law, Corporate law, Family law, Litigation, Estate Planning and Wills and Estates, we are here to lend our expertise to you.

So whether you need a Morden Real Estate lawyer to help you buy your new home, or a Winkler farm lawyer to help you set up that hobby farm you’ve always wanted, come by our Morden office located at 326 Stephen Street, or our Winkler office located at #2 – 507 Main Street, and let us help you with all your legal needs.


PJ believes that communication is essential with his clients and works hard to ensure that his clients understand what is happening and are kept informed as their matter progresses. PJ practices generally and primarily in the areas of Real Estate Law, Family Law , and Wills & Estate Law as well as Commercial Law and Litigation.