PKF Lawyers is a true legal institution in Manitoba, with significant community impact and few rivals in the degree it advances entrepreneurship.

We are a law firm with proven expertise in vast and complex areas of practice. We possess recognized proficiency in all areas of essential legal services such as commercial law, litigation, real estate law, family law, and estates. PKF Lawyers has handled a rich file of subjects in the interests of a wide variety of unique clients – from young multi-millionaire entrepreneurs fighting U.S. congress, to families disillusioned and trapped in the red tape of immigration, to farm families understanding regulatory requirements, to couples agonizing over adoption issues.

Founded in 1924, the principles that have bound our team together, and what we consider the best ingredients for longevity and fundamental client value are:

  • Ethics
  • Knowledge
  • Care
  • Diverse capability
  • Attention to detail

We understand that there is always a solution to the problems entrusted to us. Sometimes there are several. Our task is to find and deliver the right solution to serve our clients’ needs.

At PKF Lawyers, we embrace and celebrate Manitoba’s diversity in business and culture and are proud to be one of Canada’s leading firms when it comes to workplace diversity. In law, perhaps more than any other business, excellent communication is key to success. Based on this commitment, we currently offer legal services in thirteen languages.

PKF Lawyers has an active portfolio in Manitoba, nationally, and beyond Canada. We have served clients in Europe, Africa, South America and the Antipodes, among others, providing for a list of eclectic, accomplished and interesting clients.

PKF Lawyers is one of only 2 law firms in Canada, and the exclusive Manitoba law firm, recognized as a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, a highly selective society of the world’s finest independent boutique law firms.